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Is the Viking Experience right for my school?

Chris can tailor the day to meet the needs of your children, your schedule and your curriculum.

The Viking Experience is highly customisable. From assemblies to whole-day experiences. A class to a year group. Whatever you need to enhance your children's learning and bring them an engaging, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Chris offers a wealth of knowledge of the period, alongside years of teaching experience, and boundless enthusiasm for helping children to learn about history in a fun and interactive way. He brings with him replica armour, weapons, clothes and artefacts to really bring the Vikings to life.

The children will solve riddles, trade with Norse currency, re-enact great battles, form shield walls, learn of the Gods and the ways of the Norsemen, and much, much more. All the great memories and learning opportunities of a top quality school trip, but without the time and hassle of getting there, and adapted to meet your needs.

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So how much, exactly, is this going to cost me?

The Viking Experience is far more affordable than you might imagine.

Chris offers a range of different options and ways to customise your day, but his prices are straight forward, and based solely on time, alongside travel expenses. He offers three different price options: ASSEMBLY, HALF-DAY, FULL DAY.

The Full Day covers the entire school day, with 45 minutes extra at the start to set up and liaise with staff.


The Half-Day can either begin at the start of the school day and run until lunch, or begin at lunch and run to the end of the day.


Assemblies are flexible and can last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.



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